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News on the U.S. Government shutdown, what is available from the government during this time, and alternatives for government sources.
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What is the Government Shutdown?

Congress has the power to pass appropriation bills each year to fund the government and set spending priorities. (Article I, Section 8 Constitution). Recently, there have been disagreements to these bills, so Congress has passed a series of stop gap finance measures that temporarily subsidize government agencies for a set amount of time. The last of these measures expired on September 30. Without an agreement between the House and the Senate over funding and no appropriations passed, the government enters a shut down.

However, not all agencies are closed. Those that take care of and regulate national security and protect life and property will continue to run. This includes Defense, air traffic controllers, law enforcement, federal prisons, the power grid, and banking oversight. Also, agencies that have independent funding or have multi-year funding plans will remain open. This includes Social Security, the Post Office, and the Federal Reserve. 


National Journal News

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What You Need to Know about the Shutdown.

ERIC and PubMed Databases and Access

Even though the ERIC web page is down, EBSCO has full access to ERIC documents. Additionally, older copies are available in the Library's Periodicals Collection. To access the database or the older editions, use the links below. 

PubMed is available on the web, but not being updated. EBSCO has full access to PubMed materials. Use the link below. 


Background on Previous Government Shutdowns

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), the public policy research arm of Congress, has produced several reports about government shutdowns:

Shutdown of the Federal Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects (CRS Report RL34680) Discusses the causes of funding gaps and shutdowns of the federal government, the processes that are associated with shutdowns, and how agency operations may be affected by shutdowns; also discusses some potential issues for Congress.

Government Shutdown: Operations of the Department of Defense During a Lapse in Appropriations (CRS Report R41745) Analyzes potential effects of a shutdown on the Department of Defense.

Government Procurement in Times of Fiscal Uncertainty (CRS Report R42469) Discusses the government’s contractual rights and how these might be used in the event of a shutdown.

Federal Funding Gaps: A Brief Overview (CRS Report RS20348) Analyzes the funding gaps that occurred between FY1977 and FY2010, as well as the events surrounding them, and related legislation.

Past Government Shutdowns: Key Resources (CRS Report R41759) Annotated list of historical documents and other resources related to past government shutdowns, with links to the full text of some of these documents.

This information comes from Jesse Silva's post on University of North Texas's Docs Blog.

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NY Times Shutdown News

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