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As of August 17th, 2020:
  • Enter the library via the South Entrance.
  • The East entrance will only grant access to the Market Place.
  • Masks and Social distancing are required while in the library.
  • 3rd and 4th floors will be closed.
For more information visit our COVID-19 Response page.


eBooks at UCO

A guide to the electronic book collections available through the UCO libraries.

Downloading and Printing

Downloading ebooks to Desktop, Laptops, tablets, and smartphones - both Android and iOS.

Users must create an Ebook Central account and download Adobe Digital Editions to their computer in order to download ebooks.

Ebook Central allows users to download entire books for a specified number of days at a time (typically 14 to 30 days). After that time limit, the ebook file expires. 

Any annotations, bookmarks, or highlights made to the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions, do not transfer to back to the book in Ebook Central.

Setting up an eBook Central Account

To use some of the Ebook Central functions, users must create a free Ebook Central account. The functions that require an Ebook Central account include:

  • Downloading entire books to Adobe Digital Editions (desktop/laptop computer) or Bluefire Reader (tablet/smartphone),
  • Adding a book to a user's Ebook Central bookshelf, and
  • Highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking pages.

To sign up for an account click "Sign In" in the upper right corner on any Ebook Central screen.

Choose "create an account" and fill out the required fields and accept the terms and conditions. 

Here to help!

eBook Central

Ebook Central is one of the largest of the library's ebook collections. Its books show up in the results from the Central Search box on the library's homepage or can be searched from the eBook Central link on the  databases page.

Ebook Central allows you to read ebooks online directly on the platform without the need to download them first but you may download them to your laptop, tablet or other Android or iOS device.

Downloading and Printing

Printing or downloading a chapter or page range do the same thing - both options create a PDF that does not expire. The PDF can be printed anytime or read offline.  Check the availability section to see  how many pages you are permitted to download or print.

You may be prompted to sign into a ProQuest account before you can print or download.

Find out more about the limits on Printing and Copying pages from Ebook Central's ebook guide.

Note:  Printing and downloading from most of these books is limited to a maximum of "up to 60 pages" per book, or less--the page number limit for printing and downloading varies from book to book, and may be as low as 10 pages.