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As of August 17th, 2020:
  • Enter the library via the South Entrance.
  • The East entrance will only grant access to the Market Place.
  • Masks and Social distancing are required while in the library.
  • 3rd and 4th floors will be closed.
For more information visit our COVID-19 Response page.


eBooks at UCO

A guide to the electronic book collections available through the UCO libraries.

Printing sections of eBooks

If you do not want to download the entire ebook, Ebook Central allows users to save PDFs. You may download a specified page limit or entire chapter and keep that PDF for as long as you want. The number of pages will change from book to book. To see how many pages each book will allow in, look at the Availability on the details page.

Download an entire chapter by scrolling down the Table of Contents and selecting a chapter to download.


You may also download, save, or print entire chapters or specified page ranges from the Read Online screen using the toolbar at the top of the page.


For more detailed information, see the ProQuest guide to chapter downloads.

Adapted from Frances Thompson Willson Library Guide