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Spring 2021:
  • Enter the library via the South or East Entrance.
  • The Market may be accessed from the East Entrance - check Market hours
  • Masks and Social Distancing are required while in the library.
  • 4th floor is closed.
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POL 5423 Public Executive Leadership

APSA Manual

APSA Style Manual for Political Science

APSA Style Manual for Political Science

APSA Style

APSA (American Political Science Association) Style is similar to Chicago.  Here are some cites for help with this format:



Bishai, Linda S. 2004. Forgetting Ourselves: Secession and the (Im)possibility of Territorial Identity. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Journal Article:

Korzi, Michael J. 2004. "The President and the Public: Inaugural Addresses in American History." Congress & the Presidency 31 (Spring): Academic Search          Complete (Accessed July 28, 2014).

*Note: for articles found on the free web, use the full URL and access date at the end of the reference.

Newspaper Article:

Fruchtman, Jack, Jr. "Supreme Court Will Back Florida Court, " Baltimore Sun, 30 November 2000, final edition, sec. A, 25.


U.N Office on Drugs and Crime. 2013. Columbia: Coca Cultivation Survey 2012.               June   (July 20, 2015).