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MCOM 3443 - Market Research

Research & Learning Librarian

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Jean Longo

Databases for Market Research

Benefits of Mintel: more analysis, reports rather than raw data, they have analysts who try to make predictions and compare/contrast companies’ efforts. 

Five sources of research that are used to compile the Mintel Reports

Consumer research (social, economic, cultural, & psychological influences affect attitudes and purchasing decisions) surveys on smart phones, tablets & computers.  Uses specialty research firms

Social media research (tracks and analysis social media data) uses Infegy’s Atlas software to listen in on online conversation across a range of social media

Desk research (internal team of analysts, monitor government statistics, consumer & trade associations statistics, company reports, and more)

Trade research (contacting key players in the trade not only to gain information concerning their own operations, but also to obtain explanations and views of the strategic issues pertinent to the market)

Statistical forecasting (produces five-year forecasts based on an advanced statistical technique known as ‘multivariate time series auto-regression’ using the statistical software package SPSS.)


Simmons OneView provides consumer demographics for products and services

The information is obtained from National Consumer Study conducted by Simmons Market Research Bureau, telephone survey

There are about 24,000 respondents over the age of 18 each year

Surveyed individuals in the continental United States